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This Gaming Earset Has It ALL: T-1 From HIDITION GAMING

The Perfect Earset For Professional Gamer

by protech
T1 Gaming Earset - in Ear headset

The sound of gaming is as important as graphics in building a realistic and persuasive gaming environment. Those two elements can even decide your chances of winning in whichever game you play. Thus, choosing the right kind of headset or earset is necessary for gamers to own every single moment of their play.

Let me introduce you to T-1, a carefully crafted in-ear headset from the professional audio device brand, hidition. Hidition GAMING developed its own unique sound tunes, which are as good as the latest sound technologies like 5.1 Ch, 7.1 Ch, Dolby Atmos, DTS and applied them to T-1. The tuning ability of hidition can be recognized by its over 23 years of history in the high-end customizable in-ear devices market. In short, they are good at sound.

T-1’s Exquisite Sound Quality

T1 GAMING in Ear headset

T-1 is the best choice for the fans of Counter-Strike, Halo, Doom, Fortnite, Valorant, Escape from Tarkov, or Overwatch since it is optimized for FPS (First-Person Shooter) and TPS (Third-Person Shooter) games. It allows users to accurately locate the enemies or obstacles around them. Moreover, it lets you have the best focus during play by minimizing the output noise of high-tech gaming consoles/pcs, called sound shielding technology. It provides users with a steady input/output sound.

The quality of boom-mic is awesome too. As a result of hiditions research on various professional sound environments and gaming patterns, T-1 is equipped with a pin-structured, highly sensitive condenser mic so that it can minimize exterior noises. Plus, it has a slight opening on its sides. Those features significantly minimize the T-1’s sound distortion and enable a steady voice-calling quality. It enables long hours of call in a stable sound environment.

Ergonomic Design: You Will Feel the Difference

T1 Gaming Earset - in Ear headset

All the staffs of the HIDITION GAMING are gamers. Thus, T-1 is produced after the deep consideration of all the possible troubles you can meet during play. We all know high-quality headsets might have the best sound quality but is normally heavy and get overheated after 2-3 hours of gaming. From the moment you feel the headset on your head is uncomfortable, it gets harder to concentrate on your play and you start losing your chances of winning. It depends on you whether to take a break until you can focus again or to divert from conventional heavy headset to ergonomically designed all-inclusive earset, T-1.

T1 gaming earset is designed ergonomically to solve various problems you can encounter during prolonged play based on over 23 years of manufacturing data. First, it distributes the weights of the earset in 4 levels to prevent itchiness and pain from long play hours. It also allows users to adjust its structure according to their ear shapes and tightly locate them to find the perfect fit. Once you find the perfect fit, it won’t fall out or loosen up. This flexible design solves most of the physical problems you face when using headsets.

T1 gaming earset utilizes a 4-pole 3.5mm stereo input driving the compatibility to the max. It is compatible with all the latest gaming devices. T-1’s MMCX connector structure allows its unit and cables to disassemble so that you can replace the unit or cable with various accessories that will roll out in the future.

In Conclusion

“Ambitious” is the word that best describes T-1. It is made of professional quality but is also suitable for any average PC gamers and beginners in live streaming on YouTube/Twitch. T-1 truly shows HIDITION GAMING’s goal to make a truly all-inclusive earset. No wonder why it chooses to launch on Kickstarter, not Amazon. Go check the Kickstarter link.

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