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Gaming Laptop VS Desktop Which Is The Best For You?

Decide whether you should buy a gaming laptop or desktop? Then check here

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whats better a gaming laptop or pc

Getting a new PC is really very excited. Especially if you are going to buy your own gaming PC then the excitement goes to the extreme level, isn’t it? But then you may think that Gaming Laptop or Desktop, which one you should buy!

Do not get carried away with this question. If you are too excited to own your new gaming PC then maybe it is very hard for you to decide whether you go for a Laptop or Desktop. We can help you to decide.  Which should you buy? Just calm down, you need to think from some points of view & consider a few things before choosing one. Here are all the details you need to know. I am sure if, you read the full article,   then you must make a perfect decision for your first gaming gadget.

Gaming Laptop vs Desktop Which is the best for you?

A few years back gaming PC meant a couple of large machines that are very expensive & hard to maintain. Then the concept of portable PC came which we now know as Laptops & Notebooks. Laptops & notebooks then were used in official works. But after few years famous manufacturers decided to launch Gaming Laptops. Those gaming laptops are a miniature version of bulky gaming PCs. But you should understand that when the size is considered then some things cut down as well to miniature the size. So let us find out which one is for you, Gaming Laptop or Desktop.

The Power House

Traditional Tower PC is the first choice for most gamers. It is because of power. The bigger the better, this thing is still applicable in the case of gaming PC. If you are willing to buy a gaming laptop then you should know all the staffs that power your laptop. Here are the things you need to consider:


The GPU is the main part that differs from a gaming PC from an ordinary PC. The more powerful the GPU is, the more high specs games you can play. You will find both Desktop & Laptop having the same GPU. But if you see the graphics card that represents GPU then you will see that it is a big machine with several fans on it. Though the graphics card is a smaller thing & all the fans are there to keep that cool. Nevertheless, the GPU used in a laptop may have the same name & specs such as NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super, but the one included in a gaming laptop is less powerful & the mobile version of the original one that can be attached to your gaming PC. That is why it is obvious that with the same GPU the performance on a laptop will drop a bit.


Just like the GPU, the CPU or processor you get in a gaming laptop is the miniature version of the original one. Both intel & AMD has launched their mobile versions of CPU to fit in a compatible device like a laptop or notebook.


You must have seen that the RAM used in a laptop is smaller compared to the one used in a desktop. But when it comes to performance you will not notice any major difference in the performance of both. But the problem here with a gaming laptop is you can not upgrade the RAM if needed. There are very few laptops just like the MSI GE75 Raider– 10SF-286 17.3″ 240Hz 3ms Gaming Laptop that has extra slots for extra RAM. So that we suggest that you buy a gaming laptop at least with 16GB RAM. There are also available Gaming laptops with 32GB RAM, 64GB RAM even 128GB RAM. But in the case of desktop, you can upgrade your RAM whenever you need it.

Cooling System

Obviously, the cooling system in a gaming desktop is far more superior to the one in a gaming laptop. You can attach as much as a cooling fan you need including a liquid cooler. But gaming laptop does not provide you this independence. However, the interesting thing here is that the miniature mobile version of GPU, CPU & RAM used here gets less hot. The manufacturers made those to use in a laptop, that is why they made sure that those parts do not get as hot as the parts in a desktop, otherwise it may explode. Even with those super cooling system, a gaming desktop will get heated very easily. But if you have a gaming laptop then you will not face this problem. There are many modern laptops like the ASUS ROG Strix Scar 17 Gaming Laptop includes Thermal Cooling System that keeps the temperature lower.


Just like the RAM, you have less flexibility if you own a gaming laptop. Not all gaming laptop has expandable storage options. But on desktop, you can update the storage whenever you want. A gaming laptop with 512GB SSD at least is decent. However, this is not a big deal nowadays. Because you cal always use external storage devices to store your important files.


When it comes to customization then you can always customize your gaming desktop PC however you want. Take whatever you like & skip which one you don’t. But when you are going to buy a gaming laptop you do not have this flexibility. You may like everything about a gaming laptop, just one you don’t. There is no option to skip that.


If you are going to buy a gaming laptop then you already have a built-in monitor, keyboard & TOUCHPAD. Some manufacturers even include an external mouse with the laptop. But when you are going to buy a desktop you need to buy those things separately.


There is a limitation in the display quality of gaming laptops. You will find that most gaming laptops include an FHD 1920*1080 display. You will find a display with 144 Hz Display, 240 Hz Display & 300 Hz Display. But when you are going to buy a gaming desktop you have the option to choose either an Affordable Gaming Monitor or a 4K Gaming Monitor.

Speakers & Sound

It is obvious that you need an external sound system if you are going to buy a gaming desktop. But you already have a built-in speaker in case you buy a gaming laptop. Though the sound quality may not impress you that much. Whether you buy a gaming laptop or gaming desktop we prefer that you buy the Best Gaming Headphones of This Year.

Upgrade Option

If you buy a gaming desktop you can upgrade the parts from time to time if needed. But in case you buy a gaming laptop there is no option to upgrade. On some laptops you just can upgrade the storage & RAM at a certain point, nothing else.


Here is the point when a gaming laptop really shines. Most people choose a gaming laptop because s/he can take this anywhere s/he wants. But you can not take your bulky tower PC on a tour with you. You can also use your gaming laptop for school college projects & presentations. Even if you feel bored at home then also can take your gaming laptop with you under the sky & play your favorite game there, you do not need a fixed room & large space to keep your gaming laptop. Before gaming laptops were very heavy to carry. But now you will find very lightweight gaming laptops just like the Eluktronics MAX-17 Covert Gamer Notebook PC.

Power & Noise

Like a big machine, a gaming desktop must need a lot of electric power to learn. But a gaming laptop needs less power. Also, a gaming laptop produces a lot less noise compared to a gaming desktop PC.


A laptop with the same configuration will cost more compared to a gaming desktop. Even though the power efficiency is much more in a gaming desktop, but even though you need to expense more in case you want to own a gaming laptop.

Which One You Should Buy?

So now you know all the major differences between a gaming laptop & a gaming desktop. Which one you should buy? Well, it really depends on your uses & needs.

Gaming desktop PC is for you, if you are an intense gamer & most of your daytime you like to play several games. For hardcore gaming, a desktop PC is always a better option. Also if you have you separate room for your gaming desktop PC where no one will disturb you & you do not need to move to another room very often then a gaming desktop PC is a better option for you. Also if you do not need a portable gaming PC & do not like to travel a lot or go outside the desktop gaming PC will suit your personality the most.

Gaming Laptop PC is for you if you are seeking for a portable gaming PC. You may often need to move to another room & there are children in your house who may disturb you while plating your favorite game then a gaming laptop is the best option for you. If sometimes you like to take your PC outside & play your favorite online game sitting with your friends then a gaming laptop will company you always. If you need a PC to complete your school/college projects & make presentations then a gaming laptop will help you there as well.


Let us know in the comment section which one you choose. If you choose to buy a gaming laptop then we have Best Gaming Laptops Under $2000. Also, take care of your PC no matter which one you have for long time use.

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