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Best TV Settings for Gaming 2021, Easy To Get Best Picture Quality

Your TV could be Samsung or another brand it doesn't matter, Nowadays almost all brands smart TV game settings are the same, that's why you can follow these common settings.

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Best TV Settings for Gaming - Easy To Get Best Picture Quality

This article is for those who recently have bought a TV for Gaming or going to buy one & before that willing to know all the details & Best TV Settings for Gaming.
Just buying the best TV is not enough to have the best gaming experience, you need to make it especially suited for gaming. And how is that? Of course through the setting. You may have bought a 4K TV or going to buy a 4K Gaming TV from our list. But the thing is the TV comes to the most basic settings that are basically suited for watching movies & TV series. If you go to the setting then you will find that there are lots of setting options that you can enable or disable or change using your remote. If your main purpose for buying a TV is to play games then you should look for & change some settings so that you can have the best gaming experience on your 4K TV.
There is a problem though. All games are not the same & also all TV does not have the same setting options. If we consider the type of your game then some games may focus on the map, some games mainly focus on the character view & so on. Considering those two factors we have divided our Best TV Setting for Gaming into two parts. First, we are going to tell you the settings according to your TV brand & then according to the game your play. Have a look:

Best TV Settings for Gaming According to Your TV Brand

best tv settings for gaming

Before we go to the detailed setting first there are some basic settings that you should follow for Samsung, LG,  Panasonic, and other Television you have.

Enabling Gaming Mode

If you have a modern Smart TV then you will notice that there are several picture mode options. Those options are basically included Movie, Photos, Reader, Custom & Gaming mode. Those modes are suited for as it says. Before start gaming, you should enable the Gaming Mode on your TV. Basically, it eliminates bottlenecking while gaming. Though the game mode works differently on different televisions. On some TVs this mode focuses on better video quality, some may focus on higher FPS. But the problem with this picture mode is that sometimes it can decrease the graphics quality of your gaming. That is why we suggest that no matter which game you play, try both enabling this mode on & off to see how the gaming quality differs. This is also the ideal best tv settings for gaming Xbox one, Xbox Series X, PS4 & PS5.

Here are also some basic setups you should follow before playing games:

  • Brightness:50%
  • Color:50%
  • Contrast:100%
  • Backlight:100%
  • Tint (G/R):50%
  • Sharpness:0%

Now here are the settings according to your TV brands. We will only cover famous TV brands like LG, Sony & Samsung. Other TV brands also have similar settings like one of these most of the time. It actually will cover some extra settings of your TV that you should always turn of before playing games. Have a look:

Lg TV Best Picture Settings for Gaming

  • Motion Eye Care: Off
  • Clear White: Off
  • Dynamic Color: Off
  • Super Resolution: Off
  • Real Cinema: Off
  • TruMotion: Off

Best Samsung TV Settings for Gaming

  • Gamma: 0
  • Flesh Tone: 0
  • Dynamic Contrast: Off
  • Digital Clean View: Off
  • Black Tone: Off
  • Smart LED: Off
  • Motion Lighting: Off

Best Sony TV Settings for Gaming

  • Auto Light Limiter: Off
  • Black Corrector: Off
    Clear White: Off
  • CineMotion: Off
  • Detail Enhancer: Off
  • Dot Noise Reduction: Off
  • Edge Enhancer: Off
  • Live Color: Off
  • Motionflow: Off
  • MPEG Noise Reduction: Off
  • Noise Reduction: Off
  • Reality Creation: Off
  • SBM: Off
  • Smooth Gradation: Off

Now here are the best tv picture settings for gaming according to different types of games. Have a look:

Best TV Setting for First Person & Third Person Shooter Games & Sports Games

best picture settings for gaming

This is the most popular category for gaming nowadays. This type includes the world’s most popular games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Player Unknown Battlefield (PUBG) & other Battle Royale games. Those games require split second-decisions & actions that will go along with them. For this reason, any unnecessary or extra filters or layers that you have recently enabled or already are enabled should be turned off. Otherwise, those filters can break one of your online game rounds. If there is any motion smoothening effect for high Frame Per Second (FPS) or for sports games, you must disable those features. Those filters & effects may come helpful sometimes. But you should not take a risk, but you sure can give those a try. Another easy way is to enable the game mode we mentioned before start gaming. This may also help to get high FPS & a better game-playing experience.

Best TV Setting for Open Work & Role Playing Games (RPG)

best tv settings for gaming console

This category includes famous games like Assasins Creed, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), Witcher, Far Cry, Horizon Zero Dawn, Cyberpunk, Red Dead Redemption & so on. If you are a fan of any of those games then here is the perfect setting guideline for you. Basically, those games have slow gameplay. You may need weeks or sometimes months to complete any of these games. There are the longest storyline & most expanded maps are included in these types of games. Though those games have almost the same types of gameplay sometimes the situation may differ. For example, in GTAV & Cyberpunk, the character sometimes needs to run & move faster than the normal speed. If the smoothening effect is enabled then at this point you may face some input lags. That is why for those types of gaming we recommend experimenting with the settings. Find out which effect enabling 7 disabling makes your gameplay comfortable for each game & then just go with that.

Best TV Setting for Racing Games

best tv picture settings for gaming

Forza Horizon, Need for Speed, Asphalt, Gran Turismo & so on, those types are games that fall in this category. The TV setting for those games mainly depends on the input lag or responding time of your TV. Basically, the Game Mode works really well for those games. Most of the time you do not need to do any extra setting to play those games. But if you enable the extra smoothening effect then sometimes there may be sharper scenarios like the traffic light, trees & many things other than your car. In this case, the smoothening effect may suffer to take this much burden. However, you can also do your little experiment here by enabling & disabling the game mode.

Other Tips For Best TV Setting for Gaming

Sometimes you may want to change the color tone of your TV for a better gaming experience. Actually, this part depends on the panel type of your TV. Normally, an OLED panel can provide you more realistic & vibrant picture quality compared to IPS or TFT. So make sure you understand the Difference Between Display Panels. Also, try to use the best HDMI cable to connect your PC or Gaming Console with the TV. There are also HDMI 2.1 TVs and Monitors are available on the link here.

The best TV settings for gaming sometimes depend on your visual comfort. Once you learn the functions we mentioned above you can change & undo the settings whenever you want. Just keep to the level where you think that you are having the perfect game viewing experience.

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