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TFT vs. IPS Display: What’s the Difference?

Everything Need To Know About - TFT or IPS Display

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TFT vs. IPS Display: What’s the Difference

How about doing some research before getting your new Gaming Monitor? You know, it is always a wise decision to learn the basic things before getting a new device for you, whether it is your Gaming Headphone or monitor. And you are about to choose your gaming monitor you have two display options. Whether you can choose a TFT display or an IPS display panel. Today we are going to discuss the most basic things regarding TFT vs IPS Display.

TFT Display

TFT display is referred to as the traditional monitor display that you used to have in past days. It is not that TFT display is totally history now, still, you will find various TFT displays on multiple devices. You should know that TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor. This form refers to a variant of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).

TFT LCD monitors have transistors & capacitors. Those transistors & capacitors respectively work for conserving a huge amount of energy as possible. It also ensures that the and rendering & operation results remain as optimal as possible. This technology is recognized as active matrix LCDs. In simple terms, this feature allows LCD screens to hold back some pixels if necessary while using all other pixels available.

TFT Display Advantages
  • Very bright & wonderful backlight
  • Delivers sharp & good quality image
  • More appealing image quality
  • Less energy consumption
  • Cheap price
Disadvantages of TFT Display
  • Bad viewing angle
  • Fails to show the exact color that will be visible after printing

IPS Display 

IPS display uses much more advanced technology compared to a TFT display. You can say it is the improved & modified version of the traditional TFT display. IPS display stands for In-Plane Switching display. The basic structure of the IPS display is quite similar to the TFT display. However, the application of the IPS display is much more widespread compared to a traditional TFT display.

Generally, an IPS panel is defined by its shifting patterns of liquid crystals. Inside an IPS display, the leverage liquid crystals are aligned in a parallel formation to produce rich & vibrant colors. This type of monitor was designed to get rid of the limitations of a TFT panel.

IPS Display Advantages
  • Wide & clear viewing angel
  • Much quicker & stable response time
  • Relatively high transmittance
  • Deep color reproduction
  • Last longer than TFT display
Disadvantages of IPS Display
  • High price
  • Consumes more power
  • Comparatively less bright display

Now you have the basic ideas based on TFT & IPS display. So let us go in-depth & discuss all the features that those two types of displays offer.

Key Features of TFT Display

Here are the features you need to consider before buying a TFT display:

Very Bright LED Backlight

The main feature that makes a TFT display special is the super brightness. TFT display can provide you a much brighter view of any situation. That is why in the beginning the mobile companies tended to use this type of display in mobile phones. A TFT display can be very bright for its backlight technology. So that whether you are in a dark room or under direct sunlight, you will not have much difficulty to see your phone screen.

Another amazing feature of this bright display is that it can adapt to your surrounding lights. For example, if you are in a dark room then you must not need much backlight to see the screen. But when you are outside on a sunny day or go under direct sunlight then it is obvious that you will need much more light to see the screen. What TFT display can do is automatically adjust the power of the backlight. It means when you go under direct sunlight it will be much brighter so that you do not have hard times to see the screen. Relatively when you are in a dark room the brightness will automatically come down to avoid the abuse of power.

Sharp & Good Quality Image

A TFT display can provide you sharp & good quality images. The three primary colors that a TFT display is Blue, Red & Yellow. Only those three colors provide a vital role in creating other color shades including black. Though a TFT display can not provide deep black, the color shades are sharp & punchy. But the problem is sometimes a TFT LCD can show fake color tine or somewhat unrealistic color. This is not a big deal if you are used to a TFT LCD. The problem arises when you are supposed to print a particular image editing on a TFT LCD. The color tone that is showing in the display may not exactly be the same when you print a copy. However, for sharp & good quality images you can see this type of display in mobile phone, monitor, laptop, tv, etc.

Viewing Angels

TFT LCD provides a brighter display with sharp images. However, when it comes to viewing angel a TFT LCD really suffers at this point. If you looking at the screen from a straight point then you will not have any viewing issue. But if you move left or right then you will have a hard time seeing the screen clearly. That is because a TFT display does not offer the same level of visibility from each & every point. This is really a drawback for the TFT LCD. If you are doing office works, playing games, or using your hand device that has a TFT display then this might not be a big issue. But if you are sharing your screen with someone or you need to change your position continuously then this can be a big issue. Here is a table that shows the viewing angles of a TFT LCD Display.

Viewing DirectionsTFT Viewing Angle
6 o’clock65°
12 o’clock55°
3 o’clock65°
9 o’clock65°

Key Features of IPS Display

The key features of the IPS Display are described below:

Color Accuracy

The main feature that comes to mind when it comes to IPS display is color accuracy. The three primary colors that an IPS panel uses is Red, Blue & Yellow. This is similar to the TFT display. But when it comes to producing accurate color IPS display can provide a far more superior result. If you print an image after editing this on an IPS panel then the color accuracy may not be 100%, it will be up to the mark. The thing that makes it possible in an IPS display is the way the pixels operate with electrodes & how they get placed. The pixels have functioned here in a parallel way that makes it show as exact color tone as possible.

Viewing Angels

This is the section when an IPS display really shines & maybe this is the main reason for its popularity. The IPS panel provides you a much more wide-angle view. It means you can enjoy the best view from any angle, you do not need to sit straight to the screen. That is why for multiple uses IPS panel is a versatile option. If you are watching movies in your home on an IPS monitor then you do not need to think about your & your companion’s position. Here is a table that shows the viewing angles of an IPS display:

Viewing DirectionsIPS Viewing Angles
6 o’clock85°
12 o’clock85°
3 o’clock85°
9 o’clock85°

TFT vs. IPS Display: What’s the Difference?

Now here you know all the features that TFT & IPS display panels have. So here are the key differences between TFT & IPS Display:

Key WordsTFT DisplayIPS Display
BrightnessTFT display is much more brighter.The IPS display is less bright compared to the TFT display panel.
Color AccuracyTFT display panel can provide less color accuracy.IPS display panel can provide higher color accuracy.
Viewing AngelsThe viewing angels in TFT display differs from the position you are looking at. You stay straight to the screen then you will have a better display. But if you shift then the viewing quality will fall.In the IPS display you will have the same viewing angle from each & every point.
Power ConsumptionTFT display consumes less power.IPS display consumes more power compared to a TFT display.
Response TimeThe response time of the TFT LCD display is lower compared to the IPS display.The response time of IPS display is higher compared to TFT display.
Transmittance FrequenciesTFT display has a bit lower transmittance frequencies.IPS displays are designed to have relatively higher transmittance frequencies.
PriceTFT display will cost less.IPS display will cost a lot compared to the TFT display.

TFT vs IPS, Which One is Better?

Now here is the moment of truth. TFT or IPS, which one is better, or which one you should buy. Maybe this is the main reason you are here. To be honest IPS display is much more superior compared to the TFT display. But it also has its own disadvantages like high cost & high power consumption. TFT display also has its own plus points. The final decision actually depends on your need. If you want a low budget display for single-use or maybe office use or for even gaming then a TFT display can be a good option, But if you have the budget, want the freedom to use with more & more versatility including gaming then an IPS display panel will be your best choice.

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