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How to Connect A Wireless Headphones To Any TV

Connect Wireless Headphones to Samsung, LG and Others Android TVs

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How do I connect my wireless headphones to my TV

Improvement in technology has made it possible to have Bluetooth enabled TV. This makes it enjoyable for one to stream a movie or watch a favorite program on a bigger screen using wireless headphones. The major worry everyone has is if his/her TV can be used with a wireless headphone. The answer is absolute YES. If your TV is Bluetooth enabled this will be a matter of configuration between your TV and the headphone. Moreover, if your television doesn’t have Bluetooth you will be able to connect with the help of a third-party device. This device should be a Bluetooth audio transmitter.

The guidance below will help you establish wireless connections between your TV and Headphones.

How Wireless Headphone Operates With TV:

For one to establish a wireless connection between a wireless headphone and a TV, you need two devices. They include;

  • Wireless receiver
  • Wireless transmitter

A wireless transmitter is capable of sending digital sound signals over to a receiver. The wireless receiver then converts these signals to analog signals that you hear in your headphones. In this case, the wireless receiver is the headphones. Moreover, the TV can be a wireless transmitter or not. This will depend on whether it has an in-built Bluetooth transmitter. To start the process of connecting the wireless headphone to the TV, you need to know if your TV supports Bluetooth.

How To Know If A TV Supports Bluetooth:

Some of the brands like Samsung come with a smart remote to help in connection. Also, check out the setting menu. When on settings, choose sound, & then choose sound output. If the Bluetooth speaker option appears on the menu, then your television supports Bluetooth.

If your TV isn’t a Samsung brand you can check the user guide if it’s stated that it supports Bluetooth. Additionally, if your TV is labeled Smart TV then it is most likely to support Bluetooth. Moreover, you can also go to the TV’s service settings and check out audio settings.

If your television does not have a service menu, it may have a secret service menu. This is used by a TV technician for diagnostic checks.

When Your TV Supports Bluetooth:

If your TV is Bluetooth enabled, you will have an easy time connecting it with the headset. Below are steps to follow to connect your TV with your wireless headphone.

  1. The first step is to set your headset into a pairing mode. The most wireless headset comes with a blue-blinking light which shows that it’s in a pairing mode, even now all gadget is supported Latest Bluetooth version that’s why pairing so fast.
  2. Switch ON the Bluetooth feature on your TV. Moreover, different TV comes with different ways to access the Bluetooth function. If you have an LG television below are simple steps for accessing a Bluetooth feature. a)  Click on the settings or gear icon when using the remote
    b)  Move to sound mode & choose sound out
  3. When the Bluetooth feature is ON it will scan on the surrounding Bluetooth devices which are in pairing-mode. If using LG choose LG SoundSync/Bluetooth & click device selection. After this, the TV will begin to search for accessible Bluetooth devices.
  4. When scanning is over, you will see your headset listed among the detected devices. A list of devices that are in pairing mode will be on the available devices list.
  5. Choose the pair of the headset which you need to link to. When paired, you’ll see it listed in the list of paired devices, and all it is done.

When Your TV Doesn’t Support Bluetooth

If your TV doesn’t support Bluetooth, you need an extra device that will help in connection. The devices include a Bluetooth sound transmitter, dedicated wireless headphones, media streamers, and gaming consoles.

1. Bluetooth Sound Transmitter

This is an external device that is plugged into a TV audio-output. This allows sound to be transmitted via Bluetooth to the headphones. Additionally, this is a painless & fast way of linking your wireless headset to your TV. Some of the suggested Bluetooth transmitters include Avantree Audikast and Taotronics TT-BA01. The Avantree Audikast includes 3.5mm, optical-digital Toslink, and RCA. Taotronics TT-BA01 includes the 3.5mm jack.

Checking The Audio Output Available On Your TV

For a transmitter to be plugged successfully, you require to know the kind of audio output that’s available on TV. The various kinds of sound output are available at the rear of your TV. Ports labeled L & R are RCA jacks and that labeled audio is to be used with a 3.5mm jack. Moreover, the port labeled optical is to be used with optical TOSLINK.

Some older TV models don’t come with a 3.5mm jack & the optical-TOSLINK output. But they have RCA-jacks as sound output. Moreover, some TV comes with just optical TOSLINK as the audio output. In this case, you will require equipment like the Prozar-DAC which changes TOSLINK to RCA and 3.5mm sound output.

2. Dedicated Wireless TV Headphones

Dedicated wireless television headphones are headsets that come with a base station. Furthermore, the base station operates as a transmitter that’s connected to your television. This will then send sound signals to a headset. Moreover, this base station is hardly disconnected from your TV that’s why it’s dedicated. Furthermore, the major advantage of dedicated headphones is, you’ll have a fast wireless-audio connection to your TV.

Additionally, a dedicated wireless headset comes with various kinds of wireless connections. They include Bluetooth connection, Infrared (IR), and Radio Frequency (RF) options. The best dedicated Bluetooth headsets are Noontec Hammo and Avantree HT5009. Furthermore, the best dedicated RF headsets are Sennheiser RS 175 and Sennheiser RS 195. Also best dedicated IF Headset is Sony MDR-IF245RK and J3 TV920 Listener.


Bluetooth Connection:
  • Fast pair with every Bluetooth headphones
  • Best connection steadiness than RF & infrared
  • Flexible to change Bluetooth headphones
  • Slow transmission speed compared to RF & infrared
  • Needs more step-up step
  • May create a delay in sound transmission


Radio Frequency Connection:
  • Quick transmission rate
  • Has no sound delay
  • Quick and easy to set-up
  • Offers stable connection in a long-range (100m)
  • Susceptible to noise interference from other RF-devices
  • Ensure your television is in an isolated space
  • RF headset is no simple to use with other audio devices


Infrared Connection
  • Has quick transmission rate
  • There is no audio delay
  • Offers best audio quality
  • There should be no blockage in between your TV and wireless headphones
  • Offer connection in short-range


3. Media Streamers

Media streamers are a set-top box that enables one to view shows on your television using the internet. Furthermore, some of the streamers offer a smart Bluetooth interface. This will allow one to connect wireless headphones. Below are some of the media streamer devices to use.

1. Amazon Fire-TV Cube

When connecting your TV using Amazon Fire-TV Cube you need to follow certain steps. First, of it all, you need to move to the fire television service menu & choose settings. Then click on controllers & Bluetooth devices. After that move to other Bluetooth devices and wait for you for your device to be listed on the discovered devices area. When it appears choose it & wait for a successful pairing.


When using this device move to SHIELD TV’s setting menu, then choose connected devices/wireless & Networks. Then switch it on & wait for the headphone discovery. When it appears choose it & wait for a successful pairing.

    Sling AirTV 4K

With a. Sling AirTV 4K press & hold your remote-button at the top of AirTV Player. You will hold until a pairing display appears. Searching accessories display will appear. After that follow on-screen prompts and complete device pairing with AirTV Player.

    Xiaomi Mi Box

With a. Xiaomi Mi Box you will move to Mi Box’s setting menu. Then choose remote and accessories and choose to add an accessory. After that, choose the on-screen guide to complete the pairing process.


For one to successfully connect Roku products with wireless headphones Macgyver-level configuration is required. Below are steps to be followed when connecting Roku.

First, download the Roku application with iOS or Android phone/tab.

Ensure that your phone & Roku-streaming device is linked to a similar Wi-Fi network.

Connect Bluetooth headset & phone/tab. This is done via choosing your headset listed on detected devices.

Start the Roku application and then tap the Remote tab below the screen.

Activate the Bluetooth headphones’ through a pairing button & one’s Bluetooth connection on the phone/tab.

Press the headset icon on the remote screen of the Roku application. After that, you can stream sound from the Roku device to a wireless headset.

    Apple TV 4K

With Apple TV 4K click on Apple TV Home-screen and move to settings. After that click on remotes & devices and the Bluetooth. Then you will wait for it to search for Bluetooth-devices. After your headphones pop-up on the list, choose it. Note some Bluetooth accessories need a PIN.

    Gaming Consoles

Not all gaming consoles support Bluetooth. Moreover, Sony PS4, PS5 offers Bluetooth connectivity, though it doesn’t support all wireless headphones.

    Sony PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim

With Sony PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim move to PS4 Settings then Devices and finally Bluetooth Devices. After that choose your headset and connect. If it is successful, you can enjoy playing games with a Bluetooth headset.

Additionally, if connections were not successful an error message will pop up. In this case, you can use Bluetooth USB-adapter. Connect it to the PS4 USB port, turn your Turn on your Bluetooth headset. Furthermore, after this move to PS4 Settings then Devices, and finally Audio Devices. Click on the output device and then choose a USB headset. Select volume control & change it to louder or medium. Choose on the output to Headset, and choose all audio.

  • Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has Bluetooth support that is used majorly with wireless controllers. Moreover, they come with a 4.0.0 patch which enables wireless headset connection through USB dongles. Additionally, they are 2 connection modes in Switch. That is docked & undocked.

  • Docked Nintendo Switch

When connecting a docked Nintendo switch, place your wireless headset in pairing mode. Furthermore, plug the dongle into a USB port. Then wait for an on-screen prompt on USB-volume control. After all that, you can use your wireless headphones with the Switch.

  • Undocked Nintendo Switch

Set your wireless headset in a pairing mode. Then plug the USB-to-USB-C connector into the USB-C port found at the bottom of your Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, also plug the USB-dongle of the wireless headphone into the connector. After all, that, wait for an on-screen display of the USB-volume control. With those steps, you can use the wireless headset with Nintendo Switch.


With the guidance above, you will be able to connect your TV with any wireless headset. Among the listed ways, you can choose that which favors you. With wireless headphones, you can view your favorite channel even at midnight without disturbing your fellows with sound. And when in a noisy environment you can use a noise-canceling headset to enjoy.

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