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Why Should Need To Know About IPX Rating With Dust Protection?

What is IPX? Every Breakdown Of IPX Rating With Dust Protection

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What is IPX Rating

IPX Rating is a system that’s used in evaluating how a product is resistant to environmental conditions. Most of the products for camera and cycling often come with an IPX-rating. This will allow the consumer to understand at what level an item is capable of holding up in certain conditions.

IPX is an abbreviation for Ingress Protection or International Protection. Moreover, IPS-rating is an international-code that describes how well the product is protected. This is offered by the enclosure or casing of your device. Furthermore, this guarding is against water & dust. In other cases, protection is offered for other fluids or particles.

Every rating begins with an IPX abbreviation. Then it’s followed by a number value. An example is IPX1. The overall beginning for products that are water-resistant/waterproof/splash-proof is IPX. This is used with devices that are used in wet areas or outdoors. Wet areas include laundries and bathrooms.

What is IPX Rating?

The IP numbers are indicated as IPXX. Xs are numbers that indicate the level of protection. The first number shows dust protection while the second number shows water protection level. X shows that it’s not tested/the rating is unavailable. For instance, IP68 is fully protected from dust & can be submerged in water.

Importance Of IPX Rating System:

The IPX rating system will help buyers & users to have confidence in their product safety. Moreover, the universal IPX-rating will allow the user to be sure of which specific goods & devices to be used on which environmental condition. Additionally, an IP rating offers a specific account of how dustproof or water a device is instead of using vague terms. The higher the IPX-rating value, the more it’s protected from water and dust particles.

Liquids Ingress Protection:

This is also understood as moisture-protection and its values can be found from 0 to 8. Moreover, there is a recent additional Ingress Protection code which is 9K.

IP Rating for Liquids System Code:


This IP rating shows that there is no testing carried out to show the water protection level.


This is an IP rating that shows that the device is not protected from water.


Devices on this water resistance rating can survive drops of water that fall vertically. Moreover, it’s capable of surviving it for about 10 minutes. Furthermore, the amount of water should correspond to 1mm every minute of rainfall.


This IPX rating level allows devices to survive fall drops of water. Moreover, it can also be tilted at a 15-degrees angle. Additionally, the device is verified 4 times and the water amount corresponds to 3mm in a minute rainfall for 10 min.


The device on this water resistance level is capable of surviving water spray. It should be sprayed using a nozzle which has a counterbalanced shield accepted by IEC. This water can be sprayed from different angles to about 60-degree from the vertical axis. Furthermore, the water pressure should be within 50 and 150kPa. Remember 50 liters of water are sprayed in a 5min testing.


This waterproof rating allows devices to survive damages from water that splashes from every direction. Additionally, more outdoor gear & speakers come with at least an IPX4 rating. Furthermore, IPX4 devices are normally considered splash-proof.


Devices with a waterproof rating of IPX5 are protected from water splashes which come in any direction from a 6.3mm nozzle. Furthermore, the testing lasted for about 15min with a water volume of 12.5 liters in a min. This is suitable for use on devices like showers or pool speakers. However, this depends on one’s needs.


Devices with IPX6 waterproof rating are capable of surviving strong water-jets from a 12.5mm nozzle. Moreover, the device is protected from water that comes from any angle. Additionally, the testing lasted for about 3 min with a water volume of 100 liters in a min.


Devices with IPX rating levels are capable of surviving immersion in water for 1m for a period of 30min. Moreover, devices with this IPX7-rating are regarded as fully waterproof. Some of the headphones/speakers with IPX7 rating include UE BOOM, JBL-Charge 3, JBL-Flip 4, and more others. This waterproof rating level is also suitable for underwater selfies.


This waterproof rating level allows the device to survive immersion in water at a depth between 1 and 3 meters. Moreover, there is no specific period for how long IPX8 devices can be submerged. The reason being, testing time relies on manufacturers.


A device that has this waterproof rating level is capable of surviving powerful water-jets. Furthermore, high-temperature water of about 80-degrees C is utilized for testing in about 15 minutes. Devices are sprayed at a distance that ranges between 0.1 and 0.15m. Additionally, the water pressure level ranges between 8 and 10MPa, and the volume of water ranges between 14 and 16 liters in a min.

What Is Dust-Resistant?

A device is said to be dustproof when it’s able to minimize or prevent dust & other dust particles from getting in. Moreover, a dust-resistant case is capable of preventing dust from getting in to affect the product. A dustproof device is best to work within very dusty/sandy environments.

IP Rating for Dust (Solid Particle) Protection


This IP rating shows there is no protection.


Devices with IPIX rating are protected against solid-objects which are over 50mm. This includes hands.


This dust resistance level offers protection against solid objects. The objects should be over 12.5mm including fingers.


Devices with this dustproof level, are protected against wire-sized or tools and other small objects. Moreover, the product should be bigger than 2.5mm.


With this dust resistance level, the device will be protected from very small particles. Furthermore, the object should be bigger than 1mm. Some include thin wires, ants, and screws.


This dust resistance level offers basic protection from dust, though not dust-proof. Moreover, at this level, devices will be fully protected against solid objects. However, some dust enters, though not sufficient to do damage


At this level, devices will be fully protected against dust. Moreover, it’s tested for some windblown dust for a period of about 8hrs.

Common IP Ratings


This IPX rating level offers complete protection against dust. It’s tested on windblown dust for about 8 hours. However, it’s not tested for water-protection.


This means that the device is fully protected from dust-tight & protected from solid objects. Moreover, it’s also protected against water-jets that are projected using a 6.3mm nozzle.


Devices with this label mean that they are completely guarded against dust & solid objects. Furthermore, the product is also guarded against powerful water-jets that are projected using a 12.5mm nozzle from every direction.


With a device with this IPX rating, you don’t have to bother about dust & one can use it underwater at a depth of 1 meter for about 30 minutes.


Devices that are IP67 rating level are capable of withstanding pressure in a depth of 1 to 3 meters. The device is also fully protected from any dust. Most of the devices with this rating are modern smartphones.


Devices that are rated IP69 survive 30-second water-tests at 4-angles using 16 liters of water in one minute. The water should have a temperature reading of about 176-degrees Fahrenheit. This rating is available on very few devices. Devices with this rating are best for those that operate in extreme states.

Wrap Up:

Ingress Protection Rating is important to electronics. This will offer protection against conditions that can destroy your device. Moreover, cameras which have a higher waterproof rating allows for water exploration and other outdoor activities. Additionally, devices that are protected against dust and water are more durable than those without protection.

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