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TV Screen Size Comparison with Tv Sizes Chart

How do you determine What size TV You will buy

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tv screen size comparison

Most people want to buy the biggest TV on their budget. This is because there is a wrong idea that the bigger the TV screen, the greater the viewing experience. This idea may ruin your TV watching experience. That is why today here we are going to explain TV Size Comparison.

TV Size Comparison or TV Screen Size Comparison, whatever you say, the ultimate goal is to make a wise decision about choosing the right TV screen size that suits you. Thus you can have your best watching TV experience. You can also check this 4K TV Buying Guide for a better result.

Biggest TV Your Money Can Buy:

Big and right size tvs

We told you about this in the beginning. Suppose you are willing by the 4K TV for Under $1000 then you will search for the biggest TV that comes within this price range, right? Having a bigger TV is rewarding most of the time. People will appreciate your choice & of course, you can do show-off to your neighbors & friends as well. But beyond those things what is more important is while watching your favorite series or movie on your newly bought TV, you must have the best experience. Of course, this experience depends on the TV screen size.

Which TV Size Is Perfect?

If you have a Small TV for Kitchen Entertainment of course that you can not have your great experience while watching a movie or TV show. One thing to be noted, the TV size also depends on where you are going to keep it. For example, the TV size of your kitchen should be a small one & the TV screen size of your living room should be a bigger one. But the question is, how big should it be?

If you are looking for the best TV then you must have a fixed budget that you can hardly cross. If so then first look for the quality & then size. When choosing the right  TV screen there are two things you need to consider. Number one is the distance from where you are going to watch TV. And number two is your room size. Let us discuss those two major factors about TV screen size comparison.

Ideal Viewing Distance:

ideal viewing distance for tv

Technology is advancing very fast. Just a few years ago we could not think of a big-screen TV of 65″ or more. This was only possible in Cinema Halls using a projector. But now you will find even a bigger Television like the TCL 75S425 75 4K TV. This is very simple if you are going to buy a bigger screen television then you must keep a long distance from your TV. There are some ideal measurements for this. Here is a chart that shows the Ideal Viewing Distance that you need to keep to enjoy your TV shows & movies.

Screen SizeRecommended Cinema Distance (40 Degree)Recommended Mixed Usage Distance (30 Degree)
25 “0.77 m / 2.5 ft1.04 m / 3.4 ft
30 “0.92 m / 3 ft1.24 m / 4.1 ft
35 “1.07 m / 3.5 ft1.45 m / 4.8 ft
40 “1.22 m / 4 ft1.66 m / 5.5 ft
45 “1.37 m / 4.5 ft1.86 m / 6.1 ft
50 “1.53 m / 5 ft2.06 m / 6.8 ft
55 “1.68 m / 5.5 ft2.28 m / 7.5 ft
60 “1.83 m / 6 ft2.48 m / 8.2 ft
65 “1.98 m / 6.5 ft2.69 m / 8.9 ft
70 “2.13 m / 7 ft2.9 m / 9.5 ft
75 “2.29 m / 7.5 ft3.1 m / 10.2 ft

We always recommend that you maintain the specific distances according to your TV size for the good experience. But measuring the exact distance we mentioned or keeping this distance all the time may not be possible. That is why there is a shortcut method to maintain a proper distance to watch TV.


For 25” to 30” TVMaintain a distance of at least 1 m / 3.3 ft


For 32” to 42” TVMaintain a distance of at least 1.5 to 2 m / 4.9 to 6.6 ft


For 43” to 50”Maintain a distance of at least 3.5 m / 11.4 ft


For 55” to 65” TVMaintain a distance of at least 2 to 2.5 m / 6.6 to 8.2 ft


For 70” or BiggerMaintain a distance of at least 3 m / 9.8 ft


If you are willing to set up your new home theatre then maintaining this distance is a must.

Room Size Vs. TV Size:

What is the best size TV for my room

If you have a bigger room then sure you will go for a bigger TV. In the IDEAL VIEWING DISTANCE section, the distances we mentioned are only applicable if you have a very big room. Only then you can buy any size television or maintain any distance segment. But what if you have a smaller room? That is why the first measure is where you are going to keep your TV & from where you are going to watch it. Buying a bigger TV for a smaller room will make the situation worse. Sometimes you may have a bigger room but it is square. Or maybe it is very long on one side but narrower on the other. In this situation always consider where you are going to keep your TV before buying a very big TV.

At last, we just want to say that before buying your new TV consider your budget & room size mostly. If you are going to buy a TV for your whole family then you must want that everyone has a better experience. Do not sit too close to the TV or let your beloved one. This may damage the eyes. You can also check our list for Smallest TV with HDMI Input & Best TV for PS5 & Xbox Series X.


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